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Format a bulk task import by using a spreadsheet

andreacron says:
I recently added all of my class assignments for the next semester by importing the list into excel and then formatting the list from there.

You just need to add columns for the tags, durations, start and end dates and the priorities you would like to import. You can use formulas to set up different notes, tags, and dates.

When the columns are ready for import, I copy and paste them into an email and send it to my RTM address without the need for processing.

One idea for this that I am going to take on next is to create a workout plan. It is easy to format the different durations and recurrence and even include the notes with a // formatted cell. It is a good method for starting out with RTM or for taking on some new great endeavor that requires a lot of tasks.

Posted at 7:02pm on September 4, 2016
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
It could also be used for repeating projects that follow a certain process.
Just adjust the start date and let Excel calculate the due dates and then import all the tasks at once into RTM.
Posted 4 years ago
martingchapman says:
Rather than emailing the list to RTM use the task importer web site at

This gets round the 72 character problem with emaiing a list to RTM re:
"Note: If your email client is set to automatically wrap lines (a common setting is to wrap at 72 characters), tasks that are longer than 72 characters will be split over multiple lines, and will import as multiple tasks. If this happens, try disabling wrapping in your email client."
Posted 4 years ago
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