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Passing Along More Variables to AddTask.Rtm (Layman's Reference: the Quick Add Bookmarklet, kinda)

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And, lastly, in WCityPoe's Wacky Wacky Wednesday Idea Bonanza is a very slight infrastructure, in terms of the Quick Add bookmarklet.

Right now, the form submit URL -- -- accepts a number of different variables: 't' is the task name, 'tx' is the tags, 'date' is the due date, and so on.

Now, I hacked together a pretty darn cool larger-scale Quick Add bookmarklet myself that I keep on my own webspace that lets me choose certain custom tags I always use from menus, and then it concatenates them into the tags field for me, using this code:

input type="button" value="Concatenate" onClick=" document.all.tx.value = document.all.locale.value + ' ' + document.all.project.value + ' ' + document.all.hold.value + ' ' + document.all.books.value;"

As you can tell from the code, the custom tags are locale (@home, @work, @mac, @web, @phone, etc.), project (p-household, p-health, etc.), whether or not to apply the hold tag (a '@hold' tag means the task is on my list but holding), and a book tag (I use this to track library books and their approaching due dates, like a reading list).

This is enjoyable, and the ability to interface with the addtask.rtm code in this manner through my own custom-written bookmarklet has really expanded the functionality of the site for me. I've enjoyed it.

I'd like to do a *little* more, however ... as much as you guys'll give me, to be honest. Of special interest with my own workflow -- I'd like the ability to fill in the URL variable. That's my number-one want, personally. Close runner-up would be the ability to fill in the 'repeat' variable. And if you implement my 'hide' variable idea (from another thread), I'd love to pass along that as well.
Posted at 4:21pm on March 28, 2007
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