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Keeping track of agendas

johannes.sierl says:
Anyone knows this Situation, you're reading a book doing the dishes or something else that is not greedily keeping all your
thinking on it and suddenly some very important things pop into your mind. Often things that need to be talked about with others.

So not to forget this things, I started creating lists, called

The ag- prefix - meaning agenda - tells me, that the lists contain subjects I need to include in the next talk, conference or meeting with the specified person or group. And best of all: I can share the subjects in advance by just sending the link to the lists atom feeds so everybody can prepare properly.
Posted at 7:26am on September 13, 2013
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
These could be tags instead if you want to keep your RTM GUI uncluttered. In order to share the tasks, you would need to make a smart list. That smart list also has an Atom feed.
Posted 5 years ago
johannes.sierl says:
Going to implement that soon.
Sounds like a great improvement to my system :)
Thanks a lot rajjan.
Posted 5 years ago
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