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Using Google Keep to Email tasks into RTM

dhub says:
So I've found that my brain hurts from time to time trying to update my lists. The main reason: I lose sight of what's important or needed when things get messy. Much like getting out of the office and walking into a coffee shop for a little clarity, I've found that using Google Keep (a simple note taking app) to email tasks into RTM helps me clean up the clutter tremendously. Here's how it works:

Google Keep is basically a bunch of sticky notes for your computer/phone (you can even color code them). I start with a clean slate and quickly brainstorm everything I need to do: Note title is the project, bullet points are my tasks. I type RTM's smart add functions directly into each task (i.e. date, #project list, *repeats, etc) just as I would in RTM.

I've found this helps because I can see all of my projects/tasks on one screen (it's a tile view) which helps me break the big picture down to simpler terms. But I still need the power of RTM to help me remember to do everything (there aren't any reminders or Smart lists in Keep).

So with Keep you can email your lists (currently only from the mobile app). A few tips for emailing: Click settings and select, "Hide checkboxes." Then click the share button, choose your email client, and if you have your RTM Import email address saved into your phone, you'll be ready to send a clean, smart-add ready list directly to RTM. It's awesome to watch all my lists in RTM magically appear with exactly what I need to do, and I find myself re-energized. Hope this helps ya'll.

Posted at 11:54pm on July 19, 2013
thomas.sedminek says:
Thanks dhub! This is a great idea!
Posted 6 years ago
kevin.thai says:
Wow great idea. Thanks! Will need to give this a shot. Only made the switch to Keep recently for it's simplicity but never thought to combine both RTM and Keep.
Posted 6 years ago
sajaljain says:
This is excellent Stuff ! Can you do a more detail with screen shots for all the users to benefit from this. Please have this done !
Posted 5 years ago
cek1227 says:
This is a very clever idea. However, ...

It looks like this no longer works cleanly. The smart add items don't get picked up by RTM, and it creates two separate tasks, one of which is just the link.

Too bad - great idea!
Posted 4 years ago
cek1227 says:
Wait, wait ... my mistake. It works swimmingly. Keep was picking up the list import email address rather than the normal one.
Posted 4 years ago
xtoq says:
If you have Keep and RTM installed on your phone, you can share Keep notes directly to RTM. Even easier!
Posted 4 years ago
timns says:
Posted 3 years ago
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