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Weekly recap emails using Smart Lists and a priority trick

ghovnanian says:
Every week I have to write a recap of the important stuff I accomplished to my manager to circulate with the higher-ups. I've just figured out how to make this process very simple using Smart Lists.

I have a list for each of my work projects. During the week, I add tasks with "no" priority that are overarching descriptions of big themes for the week. I then break them down into tasks with priorities 1-3, so the big theme always sits at the bottom of my list (sorted by date then priority).

When I finish all the sub-tasks, I mark the theme complete too.

Now, I have a Smart List that looks back 5 days at all of my projects (each is in its own list) and returns all the "no" priority ones that have been completed using the search string:

completedWithin: "5 days of today" AND (list:Project1 OR list:Project2) AND priority:none

These are a list of the high level stuff I've accomplished for the week. My recap email now takes seconds!

Posted at 12:33am on July 19, 2013
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