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Add to RTM via Drafts on iOS

jonlee317 says:
Not sure if anyone else has done this yet, but I thought it was cool to use the Drafts app to add to RTM.

If you already set up RTM to add tasks via SIRI, then you should already have default reminders set to: "Remember the Milk"

Therefore, with the drafts app, all you have to do is type your thought and select add to reminders (which is now being routed to your RTM inbox).

1) Tap Drafts App
2) Type "Hello RTM!"
3) Tap Share button
4) Tap "Reminders"

Viola! With four easy steps, your task (Hello RTM!) magically appears in the inbox! So now you can just keep adding new tasks or ideas to your inbox quickly with no distractions! You can file them later at your next convenient time!

One Problem is that it does not seem to support smart add notation. sniffles T.T

NOTE: If you don't want to use the reminders route to add tasks. I think you should be set up the Drafts email actions to send an email to RTM. But I think that Drafts has some issue with this because when I send the task, it only appears in the body and not the subject (So, this because a good way to send notes with no task name if you ever wanted to do that). But anyway, supposedly you can make the email subject become the first line of your draft but it doesn't work for me. But that's a different issue and unrelated to RTM. =)

In summary, this was just a quick random thought for those who have the Drafts app for iOS and wants to quickly add tasks to our good friend RTM! =)
Posted at 2:25am on April 30, 2013
jonlee317 says:
i posted on the wrong forum. -.-
Posted 5 years ago
jonlee317 says:
Looks like Drafts fixed the bug for the email actions. So, now you can use email actions to send to RTM. ^.^
Posted 5 years ago
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