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Better sorting

judykator says:
I'm using the RTM at work. Daily I have to do quite a lot tasks: 20-40. Tasks have different piorytety and different minimum execution time. As you know, unfortunately, RTM can sort the tasks in the list only by one criterion (This could be improved?). I got the idea to improve sorting: so that the top of the list to have a job for today - a task quick to implement. At the beginning of the name of each task I use “..” for tasks that can be completed in a maximum of 5 minutes or “_”for tasks that can be completed in a maximum of 15 minutes. For example: “.. name of task very short” or “_ name of task short”.
I use sorting “due:”. As a result, I have within a day: task with the highest priority at the top of the list, and within one of the highest priority tasks on the list are the shortest. This allows you to first perform the tasks simple and quick.

In addition, use Smart List “Short tasks for today and tommorow” (location:work AND (due:today OR due:tommorow) AND (name:.. OR name:_)

But I would like to sort tasks in the future was made possible by more than one criterion. In particular, I would like to sort by the number of postpone task. The tasks most frequently postpone - at the top of day list.
Please 
Posted at 5:22pm on April 16, 2013
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