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RTM and Speak Here Now! (And now the joy of hands-free "task collecting".)

alfred74new says:
Phone Stats:
Carrier: Verizon
Phone Model: Motorola Droid M
Operating System: Android 4.1.1

When I started using RTM I also began using the android app Speak Here Now!. So far I have been very happy with it. There was a recent update for Speak Here Now, which adds the capability to add a "tag" and a priority to the item. I have found adding a priority works well, but that adding a tag is problematic. Its speech recognition of tag words is not quite good enough. Nonetheless it's nice to have the option to try.

It is still early in my development of my RTM/GTD system, however I am leaning towards having a lot of tags and less lists. Originally I had hoped to keep almost everything in my inbox, which is my default list. Since Speak Here Now! sends all items to your default list, I have begun finding it a little tricky to find the tasks that I have added this way. Because of this I just moved all of my "work related" tasks to the existing work list. Now when I look in my inbox I know that everything needs processing, and it is very satisfying to have an empty inbox at times.

In reading the documentation on Speak Here Now I discovered that you can give it a default "command" (the app works with a number of other apps). The command for it to work with RTM is "Remember". Once you set remember as the default command, instead of having to say "remember--call the monkey" you only have to say "call monkey". I find that this slightly less embarrassing when doing this in public.

The system voice recognition program, in my version of android, is called Voice Commands. This particular app does not appear to be available through the App Store. It's voice recognition abilities are actually quite good. And to my great joy, that I can activate Voice Commands and say "start speak here now" and in fact speak here now starts and I can add a task to my system. My testing so far has been holding and talking into the phone. However my Bluetooth headsets have a MTF button, that when I press it opens Voice Commands by default. My hope is that the voice recognition system will be good enough that I can add tasks via my Bluetooth headset and have truly the ability to safely and thoroughly capture thoughts and tasks as they occur to me while driving. Because I hope to capture copious quantities of tasks on the fly, I made the decision to move my work tasks to to a static list.
Posted at 1:04am on April 8, 2013
dacosolutions says:
great post. I cannot find in the Speak Here Now documentation how to configure the default "command" to "remember" for RTM? Thank You.
Posted 7 years ago
clziegler says:
I have the same question and thank you.
Posted 7 years ago
marekhappy says:
Great input / thanks for inspiration! ;-)
Posted 7 years ago
marekhappy says:
Finally started to test the "Speak here now". So far at the beginning of the road / playing with the settings.

Highly curious how far did you guys, who already testing, get so far.

What works for you / tips tricks how to use?

Thanks beforehand, Marek ;-)
Posted 7 years ago
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