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The A-N-P approach

hiteshnh says:
I always wanted to organize my tasks using the list and smart list tools to the best of my advantage. A couple of months into the service, I have zeroed in to what I call the A-N-P approach.

A - Agenda
N - Next 7
P - Planned

The idea is pretty simple. Since I have an Android device and I make full use of widgets, I categorize tasks into Personal and Work lists (you may add as many lists as you want) and have dedicated home screens for them.
On each homepage (i.e. for each list), I have 3 different widgets (for each smart list below):
1. W-Agenda : To display incomplete tasks that are due today or that are overdue and tasks that have been completed today (to show how many you managed to strike off for the day)

((((dueBefore:Now) OR (due:today)) AND (status:incomplete)) OR (completed:today)) AND (list:Work)

2. W-Next 7 : To display tasks that are due within 7 days of tomorrow (does not show tasks due today as that is the purpose of the Agenda smart list). This gives a one week lookahead for the particular list.

(dueWithin:"7 days of tomorrow") AND (status:incomplete) AND (list:Work)

3. W-Planned : To display tasks that are in the pipeline but haven’t been assigned a due date yet.

(due:never) AND (status:incomplete) AND (list:Work)

This way all tasks are added to the ‘Work’ list but chopped down into 3 smart lists such that no task appears in any two smart lists at the same time.
The ‘W’ in the above smart lists names denotes ‘Work’ and hence ‘list:Work’ in all the criteria.
Similarly, for the ‘Personal list’, I would have P-Agenda, P-Next 7 and P-Planned smart lists. The search criteria would be the same as above with the only difference being ‘list:Personal’

You may extend this approach to other lists you may have like Study, Shopping etc.

Hope this has been useful.
Posted at 8:12pm on January 26, 2013
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