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Keeping New Year's Resolutions with a little help from RTM Smart Lists!

milkiglo says:
In 2013 keeping my New Years Resolutions with a little help from my Remember the Milk reminders! My approach is to use repeating tasks in different lists while using Smart Lists to veiw unique tasks and keep my routines up to date.

I have two types of repeating tasks, daily and weekly which I have in separate lists named 2ThisDay and 2ThisWeek. In addition to these routines I have unique tasks with due dates I want to veiw each day separately. To keep an eye on my unique tasks have created a smart list 'Today' which filters out the routines:

not list:2ThisDay not list:2ThisWeek or due: today or dueBefore:today

My goal is to complete all of the daily and weekly tasks to keep my New Year's resolutions. Pragmatically though I need to have a way to get back if (when) I fall off the wagon. To clear out any backlogged routines I have created a 'Routine Check In' list:

dueBefore:today and (list:2ThisDay or list:2ThisWeek)

Using this Smart List I can quickly clean up missed routines and get right back on track checking off daily and weekly tasks toward being new and improved for 2013!

Posted at 4:08pm on January 2, 2013
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