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Creating a customized view

milkmaid88 says:
Just when I think I fully understand all the features of RTM, I accidentally discover a new one...always a joy.

Like, did you know that the RTM iPad and iPhone apps return you to the exact same view you used last. I mean exact. By scrolling down the page so that only the smart lists are visible, I can create my very own customized view. And every time I open the app, i am returmed to that same view. This way I get to see just what I want to see and no more....well, unless I want to, of course.

RTM is so much more than meets the eye!
Posted at 6:33pm on December 6, 2012
milkmaid88 says:
I stand corrected. I see now my experience was a coincidence based on 1) having so many smart lists and 2) all the ones I wanted to see just happened to fit in the height of the screen on my iPad. Too bad we can't really customize a view by hiding lists
Posted 5 years ago
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