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Automatically Log Completed Tasks in Evernote using RSS

milkmaid88 says:
I am a farmer and I need a health record for each of my animals. The ability to print completed task lists from the web is a nice feature, but the lists don't automatically include notes.

My solution is to forward my Atom feed for completed tasks to my evernote email address using an RSS email forwarding service. Using evernote's subject line commands, you can even control which folder the feeds go to and have them automatically tagged.

Here are the details of how I set up my system:
1) Go to the RTM Web App:
First of all, you have to have to create a RTM List for each Atom feed you wish to follow. In some instances, that may require the creation of a Smart List. For instance, since my animal names are all tags, I had to create a Smart List for each tag in order to get the RSS feeds.

2) In a new window, go to your evernote account
**Set up an evernote folder for each RSS feed that you plan to forward. In my instance, I have a folder for each animal.
**Get your evernote email address. In the top right hand corner, there is a drop down menu next to your login name. There you will find an option for settings, which will take you to your evernote email address. Copy it.

3) In a new window go to (or a similar RSS email fwd service) to set up an account. They will ask for an email and password to get started. Paste your evernote email to serve as your email address. Once you have followed the steps to set up an account, don't close out this tab. You will be returning to this site shortly. Just open a new window tab.

4) Return to your RTM tab and go to "tasks". You should see tabs for all your Lists and Smart Lists. Clicking on a List will reveal all the incomplete tasks for that list. You will see links on the right for iCalendar subscriptions and Atom feed. Love that feature. However, to use Evernote as a *logbook*, you will need to click the link to view "completed" tasks. Doing so will give you the Atom feed link you are wanting. Right click and copy that link.

5) Return to Blogtrottr and use that link to subscribe to a new feed.
Once you have subscribed, you can open the details of the subscription to fine tune your settings. I have edited the email subject line for each subscription thus: {item_title} @foldername
That leaves off the lengthy feed title, just giving me the task title. The "@foldername" ensures that the completed task is sent automatically to the appropriate evernote folder. There are further filters you can apply. You can also use evernotes #tagname code to automatically tag the task in evernote.

That's about it. Takes a little time to set up, but I like being able to see all the notes for each task. It forms a type of health record for each animal.

Thanks for letting me share. HTH
Posted at 10:33pm on December 3, 2012
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
An automatic logging setup including notes - soon it's Tuesday (actually now ;-), this tip should get a Tip of the Week mention I think!
Posted 6 years ago
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