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Social blogging without tension with RTM

sevlad says:
I am social network content manager in several volunteer projects. When I get an interesting ecological article, I want to share it on Twitter, Facebook, Google. But it is quite tedious to copy and paste all the same, so I decided to automate the process on Android using RTM and other services. Here are some simple steps that you need to do:
1. For each blog create a separate list and open access via RSS.
2. Add RSS in your Google Reader folder.
3. Send your favorite article while surfing web in Pocket (
4. After reading on the android device in Pocket, click share and select RTM and then save the prefered list (I usually use this task name format: Article's Name URL).
5. Set up with the help of service ifttt ( rule: if you add a new message to Google Reader Folder, then send the post in social network.

That's all. Some time later, messages will appear in selected networks and you can mark it as done in RTM.
If ifttt will be supported RTM it would have been much easier :). Perhaps it is a matter of the time.
Posted at 6:32pm on December 3, 2012
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