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Keeping track of tasks with no due date

psifiesam says:
I love RTM's adaptability. I enter all tasks and reminders, via the mobile phone app., as they come to mind, and I have hundreds of them.

However, I was finding that I never saw some items, as they had no specific date on which they were to be done. So now, all new tasks, which don't have a specific date, I tag with a year tag (y13, y14), and either a quarter tag (qrt1, qrt2), or a month tag (mn01, mn02).

I then had to find the existing tasks, to tag in this way. In addition to tasks and reminders, I use RTM for various lists, including my shopping list. These items are not dated. I wanted a search, that excluded tasks with no due date, excluded tasks that already had a year tag, and excluded items in the list, 'shop':
due:never AND NOT tagContains:y1 AND NOT list:shop

In mid December, I will do a search, for tasks that are either due in January, or that are due during the first quarter of the year:
tag:y13 AND (tag:mn01 OR tag:qrt1)

I will then, either give each task found a due date, or give it a new month tag, or I will postpone it to the following quarter.

So now I don't have tasks that I never see.
Posted at 4:38pm on December 3, 2012
milkmaid88 says:
I created a Smart List called "someday" for all my undated tasks.
Posted 6 years ago
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