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Tracking your short term and Long term goals

ramandv says:
RTM will help you in maintaining the all your day-to-day tasks. But tracking the short-term and long-term goals will keep you motivated to do your day-to-day tasks.

I was always looking for other systems to track my goals. But now figured out a way to track the goals with RTM.

= Creating goals List: =

I have created a list called "goals". In that list, added all my long term goals by starting with a letter L. And short term goals with a starting letter S. The starting letters helps you to sort the goals by short term and long term.


L - long term goal1
L - long term goal 2

S - short term goal 1
S - short term goal 2

= Reviewing the goals in a regular interval : =

And I have created a task to review my short term /long term goals every week. It helps me to keep updating it.

= Tracking the progress : =

You can noted down the progress in the associated notes of the goals. So you can see the progress over a time period with notes timestamp.
Posted at 3:32pm on October 3, 2012
echarles says:
Nice idea about putting progress into the notes area. I may start doing that.

I have a fairly similar system to yours. I have yearly goals, and monthly goals. They go in my list called GTD (Getting things done) and are tagged "goals" and "monthly" or "yearly". Once a month I review the progress of the yearly goals and set up new goals for the next month to help me progress towards them. Then once a week I do a review of the progress of the monthly goals and plan how I'm going to work towards them over the next week. Of course I have RTM repeating tasks set up for the reviews.

Reviewing goals is definitely the key to achieving them. I could write anything down as a goal, but if I don't keep checking what I've done so far to achieve it it's just a wish.
Posted 6 years ago
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