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announce: project the milk -- add simple project mgmt to RTM

yanowitz says:

[I think this is the most appropriate forum for this post.]

I've been helping to work on a simple webapp to add
basic project management to RTM. It's ready for a
few people to beta test it and give feedback on what
would make it better. It lets you have project
templates (by copying lists), assign tasks (via tagging)
to contacts, and gives you a dashboard view for all
your projects.

If you are interested in checking out, send me an email
(yanowitz and I'll send you the URL.

Once a few people have kicked it around, I'll end
this beta through obscurity and just publish the URL

(a big thanks to the RTM team for creating an API
to make this possible)

-- Jason
Posted at 7:32pm on January 24, 2007
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