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iPhone: use Launcher Center Pro templates to capture fast and easy

action.manager says:
Launch Center Pro is a great addition to the RTM iPhone App, as its templates allow me to capture fast and easy.

I use a variation of the canonical GTD setup by Doug Ireton. Whenever I see an interesting post or tweet on my iPhone about a (PC or iPad) App that I would like to try later, I would have to enter something like this in RTM:

Try out 'App' #Personal #@pc #na @Home 'url'


Try out 'App' #Personal #@ipad #na @Home 'url'

(where 'App' is the name of the App and 'url' the actual link)

RTM's Quick Add feature helps in entering such lines, but I'd rather copy the link in Reeder (RSS) or Tweetbot (Twitter) and only enter the name of the App (as the other text is always the same and that's why a template would be so useful).

Launch Center Pro enables just that:

I have created the LCP action "Email with Body & Subject" to my RTM Inbox with the subject "Try out [prompt] #Personal #@pc #na @Home [clipboard]" and an empty body.

Whenever I stumble upon an interesting App I now only have to copy the link, select this action "Try out @pc" (or the similar "Try out @ipad") in LCP, enter the name of the App when prompted, and confirm that I want to send this mail (to my RTM Inbox).

It could be even more efficient if LCP supported RTM directly, since then (the confirmation of) sending mail would become superfluous. This requires RTM to support custom URL schemes.

If you also think that would be neat, please support the idea I submitted earlier.
Posted at 9:37pm on July 12, 2012
action.manager says:
OOPS: the App is called "Launch Center Pro" (not "Launcher", but I can't edit my post)
Posted 5 years ago
mcmbunck says:
The combination of LCP and RTM would be so usefull and would make RTM even sticking out more to the competition.

Michael Schechter from A better mess has provided a guide how to use LCP with omnifocus (

I also would love to see similar intergraton between RTM and LCP. Are there any plans to do this? LCP uses the URL scheme of the app so making it all work would not look like an extremely difficult challenge, or am I completely mistaken,
Posted 5 years ago
(closed account) says:
+1 here for adding Launch Center Pro URL support. Using email to add tasks when there's actually an app to do it seems like a clumsy workaround
Posted 5 years ago
kevinhaggard says:
+1 Using the x-callback-url scheme would also allow for integration with Drafts for iOS.
Posted 5 years ago
bonwag says:
+1 - drafts integration via callback would make me a happy monkey
Posted 5 years ago
meghanclare says:
+1 for Drafts integration!
Posted 4 years ago
lboisset says:
Posted 4 years ago
angelhguillen says:
Posted 4 years ago
rlieving says:
Posted 3 years ago
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