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Trim Milk - Windows Phone application

david.gladstone says:
Version 1.1 of Trim Milk is now available for Windows Phone.

Trim Milk is a fast, metro app that allows you to keep your tasks and lists with you on your phone.

You can view tasks by list or tag, pin lists and tags to your home screen and even pin "template" tasks to your home screen with preset tags and list settings. Add, edit, delete and postpone tasks too.

All operations work when "offline" and automatically sync with Remember The Milk when you are connected.

You can find it in the marketplace for free here:

A few things that I'm still working on are: smart-lists, notes, task recurrence, location support. Smart-lists are hard to do correctly in offline mode - most current windows phone apps don't support advanced queries correctly.

Please feel free to give feedback and, if you like the app, please rate it favourably in the marketplace so others will give it a try (and so I feel encouraged too!)


Posted at 2:08am on June 26, 2012
david.gladstone says:
Version 1.2 has been submitted to the marketplace and should be available within a week.

Changes include support for recurring tasks, time estimates, the ability to set up 'favorite' lists and tags & a new screen for easy access to canned 'task templates'.
Posted 6 years ago
kimvnielsen says:
Hey David,

Great app!!

Are you still working on it and what are your thoughts on Notes and Smartlists?
Posted 6 years ago
david.gladstone says:
Hi there. Indeed I am still working on it. Version 1.3 has notes and locations, a "soon and overdue" view and the ability to see completed tasks.

The app has undergone an internal restructure so I am still putting it back together and speed up the launch time.

Smartlists will follow in the next release - I have prototyped the functionality but still have to consider performance and search user interface aspects.

I'm open to suggestions but remember that it's not my day job! :D

Posted 6 years ago
kimvnielsen says:
Hey David, sounds all so great! :)

And all the respect to you for doing the job. If there are any way I can help you by e.g. translating the app to Danish or by donating a cup of coffee or the like, then please say so.

Alle the best,
Posted 6 years ago
david.gladstone says:

Sorry for the late reply - I don't check in that often. The app has been written to be localised/translated so that is something that you might be able to help with in future. The only bit of the app that will not translate well is the recurring task interface as it is based on an English sentence structure.

Feel free to keep up on developments on twitter - @TrimMilk and/or @davidgladstone.

Posted 6 years ago
kai.yee says:
Can't wait for ver 1.3...I have been using Trim Milk for almost a year. Great app!
Posted 6 years ago
(closed account) says:
David's done a great job with this app - the best of the RTM apps for WP
Posted 5 years ago
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