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Poll: What's Your "Main List"?

(closed account) says:
I use a Smart List with the following terms:

(dueBefore:today OR dueWithin:"10 days")
(due:never NOT (tag:on-hold OR tag:waiting OR tag:notes))

This gives me timed events that either overdue or coming up in the next week and a half, or untimed events that are not tagged as on hold (big projects on hold), waiting (waiting for responses), or notes.
Posted at 5:30pm on December 21, 2006
ranbarton Power Poster says:
I have several I use often, but my main list is a Smart List as follows.

(dueWithin:"3 days of today" OR dueBefore:"today") AND status:incomplete

I deal with my due:never stuff elsewhere, but I like your tagging ideas.
Posted 13 years ago
(closed account) says:
New versions. For my "at home" list, I've got:

((dueBefore:today OR dueWithin:"4 days") OR (due:never NOT (tag:books OR tag:@hold))) NOT (tag:@work OR tag:@quicktag)

This says give me the next five days' worth of *any* dated events, or any undated event that isn't my reading list (books) or isn't on my on-hold list (@hold); additionally, exclude from everything any events tagged with @work (which means I can only do that task outside the house) or @quicktag (a tag which means I used the QuickAdd on it and I need to classify it before it enters the mainstream).

The "at work" list is identical, except that the tags excluded from everything are both my only-at-home tag (@home) or my only-on-the-Mac tag (@mac).
Posted 13 years ago
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