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how to remove a tag from multiple tasks

rdurdyyew says:
filter tasks with tag "thetag"
select tasks for which the tag "thetag" to be removed
add a new tag "tobedeleted" to the selection
deselect all
search for "tag:"thetag" NOT tag:"tobedeleted""
select all in the search and tag new selection with a new tag "temptag"
remove the tag "thetag" in the settings
remove the tag "tobedeleted" in the settings
rename the tag "temptag" to "thetag" in the settings
Posted at 8:29pm on September 1, 2011
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
Clever, finally a solution to this problem!
Hint Emily: Tip of the week ;-)
Posted 6 years ago
kerrpe says:
Sorry, I read this six times and still don't get it.
Posted 6 years ago
jelykins says:
Posted 6 years ago
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
Kerrpe: What you do is temporarily rename "thetag" to "temptag" for the tasks that should keep this tag. For the tasks where you want to remove the tag "thetag" you add a tag "tobedeleted". These tasks will not have the tag "temptag" and as "thetag" is deleted in the settings mission is accomplished. Renaming "temptag" to "thetag" returns everything to the original state for the tasks without the "tobedeleted" tag.
Posted 6 years ago
jim_compton says:
I don't get it. As soon as I search for 'tag:"thetag" NOT tag"tobedeleted" I get an empty result (as I would expect since the NOT criteria would seem to eliminate all the tasks for which I just added the "tobedeleted" tag). I'm stuck on the fifth step and now I have two sets of tags that I need to try to delete. Hmmm...
Posted 6 years ago
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
Did you follow the instructions carefully? For example step 2 and 4, selecting and un-selecting?
Posted 6 years ago
peter.jewell says:
There's a long-standing item in the Ideas forum which suggests that common tags among the selected tasks be displayed.

You may want to vote for this idea -- see here:
Posted 6 years ago
jamexcel says:
Posted 5 years ago
janvanderploeg says:
I've got it. Funny :)
Posted 5 years ago
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