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Please pray for me?

sab001 says:
Daily, people approach and ask that I pray for them. They do so because they know I take it seriously. I'm not the type that says I will pray just to make them feel better. I actually do it. All I need to do is write down their request and take it to the heart of God.

I'm embarrassed to say, oftentimes I would write down the request and forget it, just to find the remains of the note after the clothes are washed. I needed a better solution.

During my commute this morning on the city bus, I opened up Remember The Milk for iPad to see what I needed to take care of for the day. Sign this, pay that, deliver this, pick up that... so many things to do but manageable because of the "goodness" that comes with such a great app. Before we pulled away from the bus stop, a lady I knew from work hopped on the bus and sat next to me. First thing out of her mouth, "Please pray for me?"

I said, "Sure!" and I reached for my pen. No pen. No paper. Just my iPad and Remember The Milk for iPad. Hmmmmmmm. I had to smile... the solution to my problem was staring straight at me. I clicked the LISTS icon and hit Edit. I clicked the + button and typed the list name, "Prayer List."

I then went to my Today screen and clicked + Add Task - I typed her name, set the task for today, made it a medium priority, set the lists to "Prayer List" and set the task to repeat daily for one week.

Why a medium priority for the prayer requests? That is how I list it for all prayers except for those that are going through severe sickness or possible death.

It is now almost time for me to head to bed. Before I do, I want to take the requests I've entered into Remember The Milk for iPad and start to pray.

Thank you for making Remember The Milk for iPad. I can finally write down prayer requests without worrying about losing the list in the wash.

Posted at 2:40am on May 6, 2011
russ.foster says:
Great idea, Scott. I've put my prayer items in RTM for a while, but I think you have a better organization.

I also set mine to repeat at odd intervals depending on the severity. Severe health issues are repeated every day, a job loss may be repeated every two days, big decisions may be every three days, etc.

Posted 10 years ago
larabubble says:
good idea :)
Posted 10 years ago
joanhall says:
I just started putting prayer ideas in my RTM. I'm making weekly recurring tasks with a different focus for each day of the week. One day out of the week is focused on my choir ministry, one day is focused on my family, one day is on my own character and growth. In the Notes section of each task, I list the specific things I currently want to pray on related to that day's focus. As the weeks go on, I can add and delete items from the lists.
Posted 4 years ago
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