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managing reminders and notes

michael.lewandowski says:
many of the to-dos on my list are things which i need to do some day in the future. they are not urgent timewise and do also often not have a high priority but i want to put a reminder for those somewhere so that i dont forget them (in case you are familiar with Getting Things Done - those items would be tagged with "@someday").

thats why i tag all those tasks with "@reminder" and sort them in the appropriate list. i created a smart list called "all to-dos" and filtered those tasks out with "NOT tag:@reminder" so that i only get a list of all active to-dos.

during my weekly review i go through my reminders and decide whether it is now time to start working on them. if so, i delete the @reminder tag and set a due date for the specific task.

the same approach works also well with notes. all my notes are stored in a separate list and are tagged with "@reference". in my to-do list i filter them with "NOT tag:@reference".
Posted at 10:09am on April 20, 2011
malcolm.pattison says:
is it possible to make shared notes secure, uneditable?
Posted 6 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi malcolm.pattison,
I saw you wrote us by email too, so I responded there. :)
Posted 6 years ago
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