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Drag-and-Drop reading lists with Zotero and Remember The Milk

jcfisher says:
I use Zotero to manage my citations, but while it does an excellent job of keeping notes and files relating to what I have read, it doesn't do particularly well at keeping track of what I haven't read. I realized today that I could drag citations from Zotero directly to Remember The Milk's Smart Add field and voilà! Instant reading list. Holding shift while dragging gives an abbreviated citation, and you can set Zotero's preferences to use a particular citation format specifically for (more information). The only drawback is that you have to drag citations in one at a time (no luck adding everything at once like with Spotify -- although it might be worth trying with other citation managers like EndNote).

For what it's worth, once in Remember The Milk, I put the tasks in a list called "readings" and prioritize them as

- 1 if the reading is assigned for a class (tagged with the name of the class of course),

- 2 if the reading is for a project (tagged with the name of the project),

- 3 if the reading is for general purposes (e.g., preliminary exams),

- and no priority if the reading is for personal enjoyment.

When the reading is assigned for a class, I make the task due the day the reading is due in class; otherwise, I make the task due the day the book is due back at the library. Not only does the latter trick help me keep track of which books need to be returned when, but it also lets me see quickly which books I have checked out, so that I'm not over-committing myself, and so that I know when I need another dash to the library.
Posted at 10:43pm on December 21, 2010
holger.schneider says:
Hi, I just came across this and have a question: What would be the difference between using RTM (from within Thunderbird) versus Google Tasks (also in Tb) in general or specifically for reading lists.

Posted 4 years ago
jcfisher says:
I just saw your reply. I'm sorry, I don't use Thunderbird to manage email, so unfortunately I have no idea. Good luck!
Posted 3 years ago
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