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Tip on free voice recognition and RTM on iPhone

swa says:

head over to the AppStore and install Dragon Dictation for iPhone (its free).

Record something and have Dragon Dictation transcribe it for you (many languages) on the iPhone. I do it in German and it appears to be pretty reliable.

Then send the text to your RTM import email address (note the word import) with a tap on the the e-mail button. Voilà, after a couple of moments, it shows up in your RTM inbox, ready for processing.

Posted at 9:01pm on August 12, 2010
swa says:
Oops, has been dealt with, before.
Posted 10 years ago
progress4ward says:
I just tried this & it works beautifully for when Siri & Wi-Fi aren't available. I can easily add new lines of tasks and import them neatly into rtm whenever Wi-Fi is available.
Posted 4 years ago
progress4ward says:
Never mind. It does have to have Wi-Fi for the app to work. I guess I thought my Wi-Fi was off when I tested it.
Posted 4 years ago
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