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Using RTM in a Small Business or a Team?

nocebicmeme says:
I was wondering if anyone has any tips for using RTM in a group setting. While I love the app for my personal life, it seems rather limited for working with others in a genuinely organized way. For example, is it possible to delegate work to someone and be able to track their progress on it on my account?

I really want to make this work, so any ideas?
Posted at 4:29pm on May 6, 2010
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Sending and sharing tasks are two of the main features for collaboration. Sending tasks sounds specifically like what you're looking for here.

Hope this helps!
Posted 7 years ago
caryn.mims says:
We are a 6-person firm using RTM to manage multiple projects. To track items I've asked someone else to complete (especially when I am responsible for the overall project), I use the word "delegated" in the notes section of RTM. I have a smart list called "Delegated" that searches for tasks with the word "delegated" and also for tasks that don't have my name in them (noteContains:delegated AND NOT tag:-cmims). I also use a due date so I can follow-up with whomever I delegated the task to.
Posted 7 years ago
david.cheung says:
While sharing and sending work, would LOVE to see tight integration with Basecamp for the benefits of true collaborative communication.
Posted 7 years ago
rubyji says:
I just want to add my +1 for better group/team functions in RTM.
Posted 5 years ago
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