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create tasks with NO priority by default?

naygoo Pro says:

Every task I create in Outlook seems to have a Priority 2 in RTM, regardless of list. Is there a way for tasks to have NO priority be default, and only have a RTM priority if one exists in Outlook?

Posted at 8:59pm on January 6, 2011

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

From our MilkSync FAQ:
Microsoft Outlook only has 3 priority levels, whereas Remember The Milk has 4 (so both priority "2" and "no priority" will show as "normal priority" in Microsoft Outlook).

However, we appreciate your feedback! Thanks!

Posted 3 years ago

egranlund says:

I have the same problem with the blackberry app.

I routinely set due dates for my tasks and It makes the app annoying to use if something I don't assign a date to gets popped to the top of my todo list because the default priority shows up as 2.

It'd be one thing if I could change the default priority in the blackberry tasks app, but I can't. How seriously are you guys considering this issue? It really is annoying.

Posted 3 years ago

naygoo Pro says:

Thanks for the reply, but I wish there was a work-around. This causes any task created in Outlook to be shown higher than ones created in RTM since the former has a priority "2" and the latter has no priority. Very annoying!

Posted 3 years ago

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