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Subtasks break your tasks down into smaller, more manageable pieces.

Unlimited sharing

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Obarvěte svoje štítky

Make your lists both organized and colorful by choosing your tag colors.

Pokročilé seřazení

Dejte svým věcem více pořádku. Můžete řadit a seskupovat svoje úkoly, jak se vám zlíbí.

Attach files to your tasks

Connect to Dropbox or Google Drive to attach related files to any task.

Get reminded

Never forget a task with reminders on your mobile device.

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Odznaky a miniaplikace

See your tasks at a glance and always know how many are due.

On your watch

Add and review your tasks with ease. Available now for Apple Watch.

Get inspired with themes

Choose from over 100 beautiful themes to make the app your own.

Connect with IFTTT

Connect your Remember The Milk tasks with hundreds of other services.

Sync with Microsoft Outlook

Keep your tasks seamlessly in sync with Microsoft Outlook.

Work offline in the web app

No internet connection? No problem! Keep working wherever you are.

Unlimited storage

Keep track of all your hard work with unlimited storage of completed tasks.

VIP treatment

Be heard

Get double votes when you vote on product ideas in our forums.

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Be the first to try new features with membership in our tester program

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Someone at work complimented me as a guy who "looks like he's really got his stuff together" and "never stressing about deadlines". To them I said my secret was a Remember The Milk Pro account.
David B.
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Web, desktop, and mobile apps
Seamless sync between your computers and devices
Integration with Gmail, Google Calendar, and Evernote
Add tasks with email, Alexa, Siri, and Twitter
Give tasks to others
Reminders via email, text, IM, and Twitter
Reminders via mobile apps (Android, iOS, BlackBerry 10)
Share lists With up to 2 others Unlimited
Pokročilá práva sdílení
Dílčí úkoly
Advanced sorting and grouping
Choose from 100+ beautiful themes (web & desktop apps)
Customizable tag colors
Attachments with Dropbox and Google Drive
Work offline in the web app
Badges and widgets for the mobile apps
Apple Watch app
Sync with Microsoft Outlook
Integration with IFTTT
Early access tester program
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Archive of completed tasks Last 7 days Unlimited

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Only $39.99 per year

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