Remember The Milk for Siri

Ask Siri to remind you.


Frequently asked questions about adding tasks with Siri are answered below. If you still have questions after reading the FAQ, please contact us.


How does Remember The Milk work with Siri?

This feature uses the built in support for the CalDAV standard in iOS to push tasks added with Siri to Remember The Milk. Just follow the quick instructions on our Add tasks with Siri page to get started.

Which task properties can I specify with Siri?

You can specify both due dates and times, and how often a task should repeat.

Some examples:

Remind me to pick up the milk tomorrow

Remind me to call Jimmy at 5pm on Friday

Remind me to return my library books in 2 weeks

Remind me to take out the trash every Tuesday at 5pm

We'll be keeping an eye on Siri's capabilities, in case there's support for additional task properties in the future.

How can I add tasks without a due date?

You can add tasks without a due date in a few different ways:

First, you can simply leave out a date when requesting to Siri:

Remind me to read Jane Goodall's book

Second, if Siri responds by asking, "When would you like me to remind you?" you can say:


Last, you can also add the task in another way:

Add "Read Jane Goodall's book" to my Remember The Milk list.

Can I specify locations for my tasks with Siri?

Remember The Milk doesn't currently support locations for tasks added with Siri, sorry. This is a feature that we'll consider as we work to improve Remember The Milk in the future.

Which Remember The Milk list will my tasks be added to?

Tasks added with Siri will be added to your default list in Remember The Milk. Learn how to change your default list.

Does Remember The Milk have to be my default list on iOS?

Yes. At this time, Siri appears to only support adding tasks to your default list, so this feature will only work if you have Remember The Milk selected as your default list on iOS.


How do I receive reminders for tasks that I add with Siri?

Remember The Milk can send reminders via email, SMS, and instant messenger. Please see the reminders section of the Help Center for details on configuring reminders.

Additionally, our iPhone and iPad apps both support reminders via Push Notifications.

Note: Push Notifications are available exclusively for users. Learn more about Pro features

Can Remember The Milk send location-based reminders on iOS?

Remember The Milk doesn't currently support location-based reminders, sorry. This is a feature that we'll consider as we work to improve Remember The Milk in the future. In the meantime, you can use the Nearby feature of our iPhone app to see tasks located nearby. To suggest a new feature for the app, please contact us.