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Konfabulator widget (kinda)

saul.rosenbaum says:
i was surfing the Konfabulator forums and I found this

it's a mod of the regular day planner widget that let's you use a URL for the location of your ical file..seems to work fine to display my RTM calendar
Posted at 6:51pm on May 30, 2006
owen.griffin says:
I've written my own Konfabulator widget to display my task list. I'm quite happy to share this with everyone once I've got it fine-tuned. At the moment however, it's a bit annoying because it requests authorisation everytime you want to use it.
And it doesn't /yet/ have the functionality to complete items in the lists - but hey, it's such a rare occurance I haven't used it yet. ;)

Posted 11 years ago
ranbarton Power Poster says:
If you use a Mac, the Konfabulator solution works very well, but it does add the RAM overhead of using Konfabulator and Dashboard. If you want to stick with Dashboard, I suggest:

Which is an attractive, flexible solution for the display of iCal data. I use it to show both RTM and Google Calendar data locally.

Having said that, Owen, if your widget ever can interact with RTM (create new events, edit existing, complete existing), I will be very, very eager to switch to that.

I have mentioned previously a Backpack widget for Dashboard that is very slick; that's my current goal - a slick, Mac-native Dashboard solution, but Konfabulator is a great half-way point.
Posted 11 years ago
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