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Time to work on stuff BEFORE tasks are due

tim.adler says:
Hey everybody,

I liked the concept of "Things" on the Mac, where you can have a seperate date to start working on something ("planned for") and a real due date ("when has the task to be done"?)

Following this idea I created a tagging-system where task pop into focus, before they are due. This way I can always set my tasks to the real due-date.

I have a main-work-list called "Now", which is a smart-list configured like this:

dueBefore:today OR due:today OR (tag: +1day AND due:"tommorow") OR (tag: +2days AND dueWithin:"3 days") OR (tag: +3days AND dueWithin:"4 days") OR (tag: +5days AND dueWithin:"6 days") OR (tag: +1week AND dueWithin:"8 days") OR (tag: +2weeks AND dueWithin:"15 days") OR (tag: +1monat AND dueWithin:"1 month")

This way I can setup a task to the due-date that it really has, and use tags like "+1day" up to "+2weeks" in or to make it show up on my focus-list "Now" and start working on it to have it completed on its due-date.

Hope this is an idea that you guys can use.

Cheers, Tim
Posted at 12:46pm on October 1, 2009
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
This sounds like rajjan's method for so-called "sleeper" tags.

In that case, the sleeper tags become a list of tasks that you don't want to see, that you exclude from other Smart Lists. Glass half-full or half-empty? :)
Posted 10 years ago
tim.adler says:
You are right - principle is the same!

In my case, I want the task to show up earlier, rather then later. So half-glass full for me :)
Posted 10 years ago
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