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My GTD implementation

kiketom says:
Hi!, this is my GTD implementation.

Note: i'm using the "Bit Better RTM" greasemokey script ;)

Smart Lists (Name > filter):

! > due:never and (isTagged:false) #List to advice me that there unprocessed tasks.
. > normal list #All task are moved to here after being tagged from Inbox (i use the shortcut Ctrl + M and then press the dot ".")

0.-Today > tag:today or due:Today or dueBefore:today # All actions to make today
1.- Next > tag:next #Next actions
2.- Waiting > tag:waiting #Actions waiting for...
3.- SomeDay / May be > tag:someday
7.- Errands > tag:@errands
8.- Calls > tag:@calls
9. Projects > name:"+" # When i create a project, i create a task like this " + My First Project " (whitout quotes). And i can list all active project here.

Calendar > not due:never #Show all task that have due date.
Calendar - Today > due:Today #Only task that due today
Calendar -- Week > dueWithin:"1 week of tomorrow"
Calendar -- Month > dueWithin:"1 month of tomorrow"

P. My First Project > tag: .my_first_project # I create a tag with a dot and the name of the project, to store all the task of this project. And then i create the smart list for this project.
P. My Sencod Project > tag: .my_second_project
P. Another Project > tag: .another_project

R. All Tasks > not name:"+" # And now the Reports ;)
R. Completed Tasks > status:completed not name:"+"
R. Tasks requested by Tom > location:Tom # I create locations for people asking me tasks.

and so on...

Posted at 7:19am on September 30, 2009
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