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Managing a small team with RTM

julien.fortin says:
As a project and "changing team" manager, I use RTM in my everyday work.

Each project has its list and I use tags to asset tasks to people. This little tip I can easily manage the daily work of every team member.

As example : Next month, we'll organize a seminar. Steve our new colleague will be in charge of sending and collecting the application forms, the roomlist and, morning of the seminar, he'll have to shop organic milk from a farmer close to our office.

Before the seminar, I print the rtm list seminar that has the tag Steve and had a short briefing with him. After that, every team member do his daily report and nows what is coming next.

Thank you for reading,
Julien Fortin
Posted at 1:26pm on September 17, 2009
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