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Evermilk - Desktop Application

poldaker says:
Evermilk 1.06 has now been released and is available at

It adds evernotes to RTM, syncs Outlook and allows you to add and update RTM tasks and it even has a calendar (how about that).

It is Windows only (so if you want something cross platform then go to another topic and add your plus one).

If you have a problem with where it's hosted or you think it has a virus then don't download it - that's your loss not mine.

Many thanks to the one (yes that's right only one) RTM user (Dee) that helped test it and saved it from oblivion (maybe some people will say that's where it should be but I will take the chance).

There could be some COM (ability to control Outlook) problems on Vista but running one or both as administrator should take care of it (if not google or contact me).

Also if you have a lot of problems with it don't post them here (especially really long exception messages!) but email me or post a comment on

Good luck.
Posted at 2:10am on September 10, 2009
deelenn says:
I am using this application and works great. It syncs with outlook and integrates really well with Evernote. I highly recommend this application. Dee
Posted 11 years ago
gregoe86 says:
Looks like it works pretty well for me, but one sync issue. You explained in another post that it should automatically not sync completed items, but that's not the case for me. I got a few hundred things put into my Outlook, which was annoying, but I think I've dealt with it ok. Did I miss something?

Also, is there a way to get tags to sync over to Outlook? I'm a student and use tags to keep my assignments straight. Otherwise, thanks for the functionality!
Posted 11 years ago
(closed account) says:
i just downloaded it, the idea is great but its not working very well, i get errors all the time! :( I use XP at work!
Posted 11 years ago
deelenn says:
Just email poldaker he is great to work with. I'm sure that he can help you figure out what's wrong.
Posted 11 years ago
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