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Using Numbering in Titles

flitterby says:
I use RTM for several different types of tasks - both for home related chores, personal stuff and for work items. I found that for me, it's easier if I group these tasks by number so when I view my list of what's due Today, I can see household items grouped together, then work items, followed by things that I do in the evening (take out trash on trash night, update my blog, etc).

To achieve this, I use a number in the title before anything else. All my household items begin with 1, work items with 2, and night time items I use either 99 or 999 to allow some flexibility for other items that might need to be higher than '2'. If something needs doing first thing in the day, it begins with a 0 so it will appear on top of the list.

In addition to this, if there are jobs that need doing before others can be done, I add letters after the numbers so I can order the sequence of tasks to what I need.

I found this to be very helpful because for me as grouping my tasks has helped tremendously in helping me remember what I need to do when, and it keeps it organised in a way that works for me. Maybe this can help someone else as well.
Posted at 2:53am on September 9, 2009
(closed account) says:
That works for me. I have also considered using symbols before titles.

example: "@Chores" "&School" etc
Posted 10 years ago
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