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A simple, fast way to plan your shopping

tatiana.colli says:
This is a good way to consolidate your shopping. I have a Smart List called Shopping made with the search:tagContains:"@-" You can use a regular list if you prefer it. Since I already know where my favorite stores are (and I find tagging quicker than mapping out the location) I just tag it with the location. For example, for all the things I need to get from Target I add the tags @-Target. I use the prefix @- and the quotations in my search of tagContains:"@-" so that only tags with @- will show up. This prevents overlapping with any of my other tags like @work, @ phone, etc.

When I'm ready to go I can look at my shopping list and see all my stores organized by tags. This way I have a general idea of where i need to go. If I only want to make one stop I can quickly search tagContains:target for example. You can even archive the list so you don't have to look at it everyday and just do a quick search of tagContains:"@-" before you head out the door. It works really well for someone like me who uses the bus and does all their shopping in the same area.
Posted at 4:55am on August 31, 2009
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