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To Rember the milk

applewoodstock says:
I use RTM to manage my food of icebox or and place, sometime people forget the deadline of food, like me...

My food in the icebox was always to be's very wasting...
So, I use RTM !!
Let food is never to be overdue!!
I will key "Food" list.
And Key a new content of "Task",
like 'Milk',
and you can setup 'Family' Group, tell your family, drink milk, drink milk, it will to be overdue
and you can setup estimate, say you must drink it finish 5 days
and you can setup note, say when were you open it !!

then you will never forget your food!!
and you will never eat food of overdue.
and your mother will very very happy.
Her icebox will never have food of overdue.

Due: Fri 7 Aug 09 at 11:33PMSet Due Date (d)
Repeat: neverSet Repeats (f)
Time estimate: 5 days drink it finish
Tags: Food
Location: Mabe your home icebox
URL: noneSet URL (u)
Postponed: 0 times
Shared with: Family Group
Notes: When are you Open it!!!!!
Posted at 4:59pm on August 15, 2009
applewoodstock says:
by the way, you will know when you need buy new food!!!
Posted 10 years ago
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