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Making task choice decisions based on urgency and importance

faisaljaffer says:
I am used to the Stephen Covey method of defining tasks which makes use of a quadrant (Q) based concept for defining whether a task is: Q1=both important + urgent, Q2=important but not urgent, Q3=not important but urgent, and Q4=not important + not urgent. To help me make decisions about which task to give importance to, having the access to the tasks Q status helps enormously.
What I do therefore is that I assign tags for each type of quadrant to all my tasks allowing me to intelligently prioritize in accordance with importance and urgency as additional considerations over and above the priority rating.
For instance, I might see that there are many high priority tasks, but some are urgent and some are not. Using the Quadrant tags I can make a judgment call as to whether I need to give greater importance to an urgent task or to something which has more overall significance in the scheme of things.
Posted at 11:56am on August 15, 2009
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