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Due date or tickler date ?

sgrimee says:
It can be confusing to use 'due dates' to be reminded when you have to *start* a task (tickler) and also when you need it done (due date).

Ingenious attempts have been made to combine both in RTM (see previous post from user aajax), but it can quickly get quite complex.

I wanted something simple! So I made the following convention:
- due date for tasks in my regular lists are real due dates, informing me when the tasks need to be completed
- due dates for tasks in my special 'tickler' list mean 'start dates'

And I don't ever look at my tickler list. The tasks will pop up automatically on the day they need to be started.

The advantage of this system, on top of being Super Simple (tm), is that I get notifications in both cases, which is what I want.

The push notification system on my iphone 3G then becomes invaluable, as I get notified when I need to start a task, and when it's about time to mark it complete :-)

Hope this helps,
Posted at 3:40pm on August 7, 2009
jsellen says:
I think this is pretty similar to what I have posted a few times. This works if you use smartlists for your important items.

My 'next action' list(s) are smartlist constructed like this:
((tag:@call and tag:na) or (tag:@call and tag:tickler and dueBefore:now))

Therefore, If I want to call to schedule an appointment 2 weeks from now, I tag it @call, tickler, and set a due date of 2 weeks. In two weeks it pops into my 'next action' list automagically. It is true that the actual tag of the item never changes to 'na' from 'tickler', but it's on the right list at the right time, so it's a small price to pay.
Posted 10 years ago
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