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Tip: Google Voice in RTM (can be used with other voice transcription services)

(closed account) says:
I just started using RTM. It’s a great tool. Thanks RTM Team!

I want to share with you a tip for Google Voice to automagically put “reply to voice mail” task in RTM. I route all my calls to Google Voice. I like GV’s feature of receiving transcribed voicemail messages via email and SMS. Every vm message is a To-Do item with various action steps. Using the filter in my Gmail account, I forward all transcribed voicemails to RTM:

Gmail --> Settings --> Filters
Matches: from:( subject:(New Voicemail)
Do this: Forward to [Inbox email address]

Please note the keywords in ‘from’ and ‘subject’, since I don’t want all correspondence from in my RTM inbox. Now, you can determine the action steps for a voice mail message directly in the RTM Inbox (saves me time!). The new task has the transcribed vm message with link to actual voicemail in the notes section.

If you use other service for transcribing your voicemails (e.g., Simulscribe, SpinVox), you can still follow the above steps using appropriate filters depending on the email client.
Posted at 3:38pm on August 7, 2009
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