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Remember the tent poles

dorcas says:
If you go on business trips, camping trips, other kinds of trips, there is often a standard set of things you want to pack each time you go.

To remember this from one trip to the next, I create a task called business trip packing, another called camping trip packing etc. In a notes on these tasks I jot down the list of things to pack. These are tagged with trip or standard or something else that would make it hidden from my normal smart lists. I have a smart list for just these tasks, so I can find them.

Then, when it's time to go on the next business trip, I create a new Do The Packing task to go into one of my normal smart lists, and copy and paste the note into it from the task in the trip list. I edit the note to get rid of things as I pack them. Then, when I'm finished I complete the task, but the task to 're-use' is still there hiding away till next time.

You could extend this to other standard things you want to do often but irregularly, like before going on holiday: cancel the milk delivery, arrange a cat / monkey sitter etc.
Posted at 12:57pm on August 7, 2009
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