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Simple way of having RTM as a desktop application!

(closed account) says:
I've recently stumbled upon Prism by Mozilla Labs (
It's a brilliant little project that you either download as a Firefox add-on or a standalone application.
Basically, the idea is that it accesses website as an application. It's like having a web shortcut on your desktop but it doesn't open in a browser window. It's completely separate to your browser. It's fantastic!
Now, all I have on my desktop computers is an RTM icon on my desktop (complete with cow icon ;)) which I can double-click and, hey presto, RTM opens in its own little window already logged in.

Other options include the ability to minimize the application to the notification area in Windows.
Posted at 8:56am on July 24, 2009
johnfoland says:
Yes, Prism is cool, but Google Chrome is so much better.

My only beef with both Prism and Chrome is that I cannot manage to run userscripts (Greasemonkey) within either. I've tried everything with Chrome.
Posted 10 years ago
(closed account) says:
We can have below URL as desktop web page to accomplish your need.
Posted 10 years ago
l337dexter says:
How would you suggest using that as a desktop webpage?
Posted 10 years ago
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