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Add task with Launchy's Weby Plugin

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It's not the biggest deal, but it might help and is very easy to configure.

If you use Launchy (linux or windows) you can add a "search" command to quickly add a task to Remember the milk based on the Quick Add Bookmarklet.

. Open Lauchy options (Right Click on Launchy window->Options),
. Go to Pluing Tab,
. Select Weby (activate if inactive),
. Click the plus sign to add a new item,
. Give it a name (RTM, for example),
. Edit the URL field to:
. Edit the Querry Field to: services/ext/addtask.rtm?d=today&t=%s
. Click OK to close the Dialog

Now you can quickly add tasks to remember the milk and using your brand new command.
The command will take you to the Quick Add interface and adjust the date (default is today, but you can change it on the querry field), tags and task list.
Posted at 5:45pm on July 22, 2009
(closed account) says:
P.S. You can also use the Runner plugin along the mobile interface to create a addtask command.

The steps are similar to the described above, but you have to add, in the ccommand field the text:$$&due=$$&priority=$$&tags=$$&url=$$&location=$$&estimate=$$&repeat=$$

This will allow you to add a task with (separated by tabs, in this order, you can skip as many as you want): Name, Due date, Priority, tags, url, location, time estimate and task repetition.

This is more of a rtm command template, you can use it to create different commands to add tasks directly to your task management system.

For example:


One thing that's missing is the list parameter, I did not find a way to set the list directly from the url.
Posted 10 years ago
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