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RTM for Shopping Lists

(closed account) says:
I put single tasks in my RTM lists and like to stick to as few lists as possible (e.g. "Personal," "Research," "School"), which made grocery lists a bit of a confusing thing to work in. I think I found a solution, though, that does everything I want without cluttering my page. In particular, if I know I want to go to a certain set of stores (let's say Target and then Walmart), I add "Shop at Target" and "Shop at Walmart" individually (along with their locations to facilitate the shortest travel times). Then, I simply use "Notes" to jot down the individual things I want to buy, one note per item. This way, when I get to the store, I can have a running list of things I want to buy (which I can "cross off" if need be) as well as an overall reminder of the number of things I should have in my cart when I go through checkout (the number of Notes show up numbered on my phone).
Posted at 7:34pm on July 19, 2009
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