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Remember The Milk Adobe Air App

alecrust says:
Hi guys,

I notice from talks around the forum people are asking for an Adobe AIR app. I thought this would be a fun project, so started drawing up some ideas for how it might work.

After a while, I realised that what would be easiest for the user (and have the most features) is the full application that everyone's used to in their web browser, just with all the excess browser stuff stripped away.

So, I present to you v1 of my Remember The Milk Adobe AIR app, which can be downloaded at:

Have a play around with it and let me know what you think!

Posted at 10:38am on July 14, 2009
leah.shalom Power Poster says:
FYI - there is another Adobe Air app created by chrillo which I have been using, see
and the app at
Posted 10 years ago
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