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Keep organized with incloming files

freenerd says:
Hello RTMler,

i've posted this on my blog but also want to share this with you here:

I am always searching for ways to throw away the clutter and focus on the important stuff. Incoming files cluttering the computer are such thing to deal with. I've found a good way to handle all these files. Here it is.

A conceived directory structure is key to finding stuff. Nothing new here. But how should I move all these files in the right folder when working? Deciding, what to do with a certain file, often just takes to much time.

So what I have done is using a kind of GTD inbox for my incoming files. That is the download folder of Mac Os X. I also have a second inbox, that is the desktop. I use the desktop for any temporary files as well. Current projects, files I'm working on etc. So during the week all my downloaded stuff and a lot of temporary or recent files are stored in these folders. So saving a new file and retrieving recent files is as fast a possible.

I am using Remember The Milk to organise my tasks. I have a recurring task every sunday that is called "Clean Up Your Computer Files". The aim is to have no files on the desktop or the downloads folder left. Everything is either moved or deleted. The whole process usually takes about 10 minutes. I also try to get all those Mails done that might have been luring in my mailbox.

So when the new week starts I'm having clean folders to start over again with working and cluttering. I have been doing this for some weeks now and it works pretty well.
Posted at 6:26pm on July 9, 2009
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