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RTM is my impossible-to-lose notebook

(closed account) says:
I used to keep a bunch of lists in whatever notebook I was using at the moment: "Gift Ideas," "Things I Want," "Books to Read," etc. This never worked out for me because I would often leave the notebook at home or lose the notebook altogether (in which case my lists disappear forever!)

With the iphone/ipod RTM app, I always have these lists with me and can easily make note whenever inspiration hits me.

Logistically, each list is kept in a note attached to a "task" with the title of the list, and all the lists are kept in an RTM list called "List of lists." It's not a very clever use of RTM, but it's one that I'm thankful for.
Posted at 11:44pm on July 1, 2009
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
That works quite well for me also.

Even though RTM is task-based, and your lists aren't, it's invaluable to have everything in one place. Also, at least for me, my collected notes often become tasks the more I deal with them (e.g. "Gift Ideas" quickly becomes "Buy Mom a present", etc.). My notes are very often where I brainstorm upcoming tasks.
Posted 10 years ago
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