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Hiding overdue instances of a recurring task

raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
Example: I need to visit a certain place (doctor/store etc) at a fixed time in the near future. They are only open say 15-17 each day.

Possible solutions:
1 Add this in my calendar. The calendar will soon be filled with recurring instances, hiding other important information.

2 If I add this as a normal task without a deadline, it will be shown among all my other undated tasks and I might miss it. Also, Î won't get any reminders as it's undated. Adding a priority makes it stand out in RTM, but I still won't get any reminders.

3 Make it a recurring task, with a due date and recurring daily (every day/every weekday). That way I will get reminders every day/every weekday. The drawback is that RTM will be overflowing with overdue instances, not pretty.

4 If I change the repeating interval to after instead, the reminders are lost, not the way forward.

5 (Solution) Add a task due today at 15:00, use the every repeat interval (every day/weekday) but add a tag (what else ;-) used to hide overdue tasks, I use zhod (hide overdue).

If you use the sleeper tags solution, you could add this to your ¤zzz smart list:
OR (tag:zhod AND dueBefore:now)

Otherwise, you could modify your normal smart list with this:
OR (tag:zhod AND NOT dueBefore:now)

One drawback of this method is that you will have lot's of overdue instances of this repeating task. It's a good idea to regularly clean out these, maybe as part of your weekly review (if you apply a GTD way of working with your tasks).
Posted at 8:09am on June 26, 2009
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