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Never miss an episode of one of your favorite TV shows again

(closed account) says:
This is how to do it:

* Create an account at
* Select your favorite shows ("Add shows to your filter")
* Get the ical file address and import it to google calendar
* Name the calendar "TV Shows"
* Enable E-Mail notifications for this calendar
* In your E-Mail application (i used GMail), set up a filter with two rules:
- From:
- and "Subject contains TV Shows"
* Let the filter forward the emails to your RTM Inbox address

From now on, new episodes will show up in your Inbox like this:
"Fwd: [Reminder] Saving Grace 3x2 - What Would You Do? @ Wed Jun 24 06:00 – 07:00 (TV Shows)"

And if you missed them on TV you can acquire them and then watch them and then complete the RTM item :)

Caution: The air times may be incorrect because of timezone conversions.

have fun,
Posted at 8:30am on June 24, 2009
jaap.kramer says:
Perfect, thanks!
Posted 10 years ago
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