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ShoveBox & RTM

odlny says:
Has anyone come across ShoveBox for the Mac and iPhone? It's a fantastic little tool for keeping all your important files, notes, images etc organized. You can quickly add a note, web bookmark, PDF, photo etc from your mac or iPhone and keep them in sync. It has great use of hotkeys also - if I want to quickly add a note to my inbox, I just press "ctrl+alt+j", type the note and hit enter.

I've just found a way to also get it working with RTM You can add rules to run AppleScripts, shell commands etc. So by using a shell command I can now immediately send a task to my RTM inbox. I just hit "ctrl+alt+j", type my task, hit enter. That's it, it then appears in my RTM inbox!

You just need to add a rule in ShoveBox prefs:
I call the rule "ShoveToRTM"
Condition: if kind is text
Perform these actions: Run shell command

I then paste the following as the command:

echo Subject: "$BODY" | sendmail -F -bm

Easy as pie! And works a treat. It's also a great app on it's own, and recommend you try it out.
Posted at 10:07am on May 19, 2009
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