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patch says:
Maybe this "trick" is a little too simple. Anyway:

I have a task "go grocery shopping". It's set to repeat "after monday". It uses the rtm feature to add notes: Whenever it comes to my mind that I have to buy milk, trash bags, wine, peanut butter or whatever, I write it into that note. Then on monday after work I go grocery shopping. Before that, I copy the list to my notebook or just print it.

Off course it is possible to manage your shopping list in a more complex way: Create a list "buying things", put the "go grocery shopping" task in and add tasks for things that you have to buy every once in a while and just let them repeat so you never forget them. For example, dentists recommend to replace your toothbrush after 3 months at the latest. As soon as these "product tasks" come due, write them to the notes of "buying things" so you won't forget them on monday.
Posted at 9:15am on May 11, 2009
aroussos says:
I tried that at first but soon realized that there were a couple pitfalls to it.

For starters, it defeats a lot of the tag-based organization that RTM is so great at.

Also, I realized that I could purchase items from multiple places (such as target or giant) and there was always a chance that if the store didnt have what I wanted, I was left editing this not. I use the iPhone version so this is a PITA due to the keyboard.

In any case, what I have done is created location tags (@giant, @target) and then a tag for groceries. Then when I am at giant (or whatever regional food retailer is familiar to you ), I can go to the smart list I created which will list all items tagged with groceries and @giant. Moreover, if I am at giant and I remember that I also need to get something else, I simply enter another item on my phone which is worlds simpler than editing a note IMO.

Posted 11 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
aroussos, you make some good points; I think I'll revise my grocery tasks a bit accordingly. (Unfortunately I can't make use of Smart Lists on my BlackBerry, so I'll have to chew on the idea to see what will work for me.)

I don't have an iPhone (yet, but soon), but I understand that you could use set up specific locations (assuming you always visit the same locations) and then use the Nearby feature to bring up just those items that are available where you are. Some more details are in the Locations section of the FAQ.
Posted 11 years ago
aroussos says:
andrewski - In my opinion, the location feature is not a good replacement for @ contexts (e.g., @home, @supermarket). The reason is because it defeats the tagging nature of your tasks. You can only ever have one location for an item which presents a problem when you can get an item at more than one place. For example, I can get a roll of paper towels next time Im at Target or next time Im at the supermarket. With locations, I have to choose one but with @contexts I can specify @Target and @Supermarket. Also, as cool as the nearby feature is (I have tried it a couple times), Im not a delivery driver and more often than not know what Im close to and would rather choose the context that applies. Thats one man's opinion though.
Posted 11 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Yeah, that makes sense. I have been specifying either Giant or Target for mine (similar area, it would seem!), but added the items in a note within the respective tasks.

The tagging is a good idea, but unfortunately wouldn't work with my BlackBerry; it only synchronizes Lists so I'd still be one-list-per-item. Can't wait to get an iPhone (next month)... and yes, perhaps the biggest reason is RTM? I dunno, it's near the top. :)

Maybe the best solution for me would be to create a new list for Giant and Target (etc.) and just check to see which I could get at either place.
Posted 11 years ago
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